Friday, September 28, 2012

It Had Been On Its Last Legs...

But its legs fell off.  RIP little non smart phone, you were one of the last of your kind...

This is my husband's non-work phone, so he gets a partial pass on being one of the last humans in America to not have a personal smart phone. 

Here it sits, eking out every last inch of its life. The rubber band alone holding the charger to the phone wasn't doing it anymore, so it had to be perched in a Kleenex box, "just right" so it could charge overnight.   

Then we went out of town and forgot the Kleenex box, the one that had just enough Kleenex in it to hold the phone - again "just right".  Three days with no charge sent it to its well overdue grave.

It had a useful life, feel no need to mourn this sad occasion of not only one of the last non-smart phones in America, but also one of the ever increasingly rare and disappearing breed of the flip phone.   I have heard that was an American thing, giving a nod to the Star Trek Communicators.  Do you know the original series only ran three seasons??  Incredible how many followers the everlasting Mr. Shatner has, even to this day.

Hmm, three seasons, a damn good clue for how long the above flip phone should have been in use, but my husband took it to "The Next Generation" - and for that he should be proud!

I wonder if the Smithsonian would be interested in this fine specimen - I think I'll package it up and send it off, a generous donation on behalf of our family.  I'll even include the red rubber band - unfortunately the Kleenex box has been put to use, its hay fever season you know....