Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's Terminal

So I’m using a line I heard while at an Irish pub the other day.  I was hanging out with some Marines and one said, “Flying any more really is terrible, that’s why airports are called terminals” Hahaha - I laughed, it was funny.

Then I flew home a few days later, went to pick up my car in the parking structure and spotted this little scene.  OMG, he was right, it is terminal!  

Here sits two empty wheelchairs, alone in a parking spot, with a case of Coors Light and what looks like a bag of snacks, occupants are missing…what happened to them?  Do they need their chairs, who wheeled them out here and really, did they get enough to drink??  

 I can’t make this stuff up – there it is, as found in the Big Blue Lot – Level 5, Green Section… 

My husband loves airports for the people watching, that realm has now been expanded to be all encompassing - shit you see at an airport you would never see anywhere else… 
Maybe they were having race in the parking lot and got pulled over for drunk wheeling, or open intoxicants, or both?

Possibly they were pilots who needed a lift back to their cars after their international flight, where they had picked up the Coors Light in the duty free earlier.

Or maybe they were passengers that heard about the hospital garage sale and once they finished their Coors Light were off to get their free popcorn? (referring to post 9/10/12 - "What Kind of Garage Sale Is This"?)

All I know is that this proves there are no bums at the airport – otherwise those returnables would have been snatched immediately!  $2.40, that’ll get you two more cans of Coors at the Kroger, with deposit and 20 cents to spare….