Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Out Strolling With The Baby???

Ah, beautiful sunny day, shorts and a tank top, out for a stroll with your little one......

Why isn't anyone looking at the beautiful baby in the stroller?  Isn't it human nature to peek in the stroller to see if the baby is cute?  C'mon, you know you check on cuteness...

Many, many years ago I used to work in a bank with a lady who would say "Oh my, what a pretty dress" or something to that effect when she didn't think the kid was cute, that was the clue to all of us, quick look at the homely baby...

No one here seems to notice the stroller, the lady reading the paper, the man walking by - even the mom, she is looking at the postings on the board.  Maybe the blue of the stroller is blending in with the blue of the storefront.

Or maybe the baby is a DOG!!

People, people, people, it has always been my understanding that dogs like to go for walks and well, actually walk. They like to smell things, pee on trees and fire hydrants, catch bugs, pull your arm out the socket when squirrels and bunnies are spotted. 

Now I know, technically this is going for a walk - but when the dog is on wheels, in a stroller, then term "walk" kind of loses its meaning, don't you think?

I hear pet Halloween Costume sales are up 65% this year... I'm so in the wrong business..... 
Get me some felt and a glue gun, stat!  I'm going on Etsy - anyone need a doggy (or kitty) sunflower costume?? How about a pirate eye patch and hat with a feather?  Yeah - pet boutique items, apparently that's where it at!


  1. So I'm going to need a little princess costume for the Butt this year, and a little jailbird costume for Murphy! :) Hook it up Hoops! LOL

  2. Hmmm, watch your mailbox, you never know when creativity will strike at 4am!