Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We Have Been Blessed

No really, we have!  See her - she's praying - for us!! 

We came home late Saturday night from a music festival and were greeted at the back door by this beautiful creature.  She must have known my vodka tonics were way too strong and had come to grant us Salvation.   Amen Sister!

They say the praying mantis appears in places to grant you peace and guide your way, which is great cause I could certainly use some guidance and I think my hubby's looking for some peace.

The last time I saw a praying mantis it was sitting in front of my car on the cement wall in a parking structure.  The job made me physically ill I hated it so much.  It took a while (many, many, months - so it's probably not related, but I'm going with it anyway) then one day I just got up and went home after getting yet another crap email from my boss and I have been skipping across this earth in joy ever since.  

Wanna join me?  Skip, Skip, Skip to my Lou -  Skip, Skip, Skip to my Lou - Skip, Skip, Skip to my Lou - Skip to my  Lou my Darling!

I originally typed Loo, but I don't believe you'd want to skip to the bathroom with me.... and if you did, I'd be concerned.

Skip, Skip, Skip to my Lou, Skip, Skip, Skip to my Lou.... Come-on, you're not too old, but maybe you should try skipping on the grass first in case you lose your balance and fall down.  I don't want to be responsible for any broken hips now - ya hear!

I bet you hum that tune all day now - you are very welcome!!