Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thunderous PA

Championship Game, Michigan Division of Pop Warner Football, Pee Wees runner ups, Buffalo Soldiers.

I just love waking up to a booming PA system – I never know what is going on over at the high schools.  We used to have four high schools and three stadiums that backed up to each other.  The three private schools closed five or so years ago, but one of those has been taken over by an Academy (yeah). Our high school tore their old stadium down and built a new one, closer to our house…  The track is now like our cities community center.  I like it!

Can you imagine what the 1960's - 1980's used to be like here?  A heaven for teenagers – at any given Friday night in the fall, three football games could be going on, all in the same giant plot of land  – next to that plot of green space is a big mall, there were two movie theaters (torn down ten years ago) and a McDonald's and a Burger King (closed).  Must have been a teenage dream!! 

Hey lets go check out the boys (girls) at this other game, the ones here are boring, hmmm, there’s a few here at the Lutheran school who look fun, but we have one more stadium to check out, let’s go try the wild Catholic school….. All within neighborhood walking distance, no cars needed…

I didn’t live here then – it’s a much different scene now, but I still love it when the high school has something going on.  This morning it was a Pee Wee Championship Football game.  OMG, I love young ones who play sports, this division isn’t the youngest, the Mighty Mites are (5-7 years old) But still so damn cute in their football gear – all cool and swaggering at 8 and 9 years old.   They got their big pads on and their helmets in hand out running on a giant football field, so cute (probably not what a swaggering 9 year old wants to be, but they are just adorable). 

This must have been special for the playoff; there hadn’t been a game at our high school prior to this.  I looked up the boys above, they are from Canton, a bit of a haul for an early morning game, these little guys probably got up at 6am, no wonder they came in second – the winners are from just down the street in Detroit and an extra two hours of sleep can do a world of good. 

The first place trophy stood bigger than most the boys.  Couldn’t get a good shot – the proud parents were swarming….

Next year you’ll get ‘em soldiers, next year…  Woy, Yo, Yo, Woy, Ya, Yo, Yo, Woy, Ya, Yo, Ya, Yo, Yo, Yo, yo!