Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cruisin On A Friday Afternoon

Now you have to look closely, but there is a black curly doggie riding around in the back window of this beautiful early 80’s land cruiser (and I mean that affectionately, I truly love a big old GM ride).

That has got to be the greatest gig ever in a dog’s life!  This is just as good, or maybe better, than the magic carpet ride our dog gets every night (see earlier post).   

It’s like this – the car is so big it probably seems like he’s laying on an old comfortable couch and his living room view changes all the time.  It just cruises around for him all day.  He doesn’t have to move, the scenery keeps coming to him – forget staring at birds and squirrels through the window at home out into the same old yard, he’s in the big leagues here.  Literally.  

I wonder when he discovered the couch in the back window?   Did he originally see a squirrel, hop up in there and there realize, damn – look at all this cool shit, this is where it’s at – I’m never getting down – so comfy too.  And don’t even think about going anywhere without me from now on – I’m king of the world and I’m riding along with Rose!!!  Ok, maybe he would need to be up on the dashboard for that reference, but still – it’s pretty close!  And the car is rose colored, so yeah – I named her.

Simply the lap of luxury – got my Cadillac, my driver, the sky, people always smiling and pointing at me – yeah – I’m the prince!  Never getting my curly locks windblown or bugs in my nose like those goofy sloppy big dogs that hang out the window, ears a flappin.  Nope not me, I just look out and the world presents itself to me like a big ole movie screen.   Let’s see those big dogs get their 70lb behinds up on my perch.  No way, they’d just get one or two paws up and block the whole window – slobbering all over everything.   Cadillac hand built this for me; I wonder if that’s still an option on the new CTS’?  Shame if it’s not.

How much is that doggie in the window, the one with the waggly tail, how much is that doggie in the window, I do hope that doggie’s for sale – arf, arf, arf….