Monday, November 5, 2012

Weighty Matter

I missed the shot –I’ve started to carry my camera to catch great photo opp’s, but it’s harder to do than you think.  I’m going to need your visualization skills for this post, shouldn’t be hard – I’ll set the picture for you. 

Hubby and I were out and about for his B’Day yesterday and we were in the parking lot of a mega shopping plaza.   You know the kind, there’s always an Old Navy, A Bed Bath and Beyond and an Ulta Store, plus far too many cars stopping everywhere, people walking all over and kids and carts jutting out in front of moving cars.  Yeah, that’s the one- good. (Borrowed the above pic off internet – apparently they don’t have people at this one) 

Now, we were sitting in our car waiting for a gentleman to cross “the street” so I could pull into the lane to park.  I was watching him all bundled in his brown winter coat, he was a big man, very tall and he was carrying this square thing made out of clear glass.  

Now whenever something looks interesting or makes me scratch my head, I should whip out the camera immediately and just go for it, leaving the details of what I am seeing until later.  But no, I was trying to figure out what on earth he had in his hand.

So he’s crossing the road and holding this square clear glass thing, I’m looking at the store immediately before him and it’s called Five-Below, doesn’t fit, that’s a clothing store.  I’m thinking there should be a Home Depot around or something manly, but there isn’t.  What on earth is in his hand?  It’s not boxed so it has to be a return, where is he going?  

Now he’s across the road,  I have to drive, but I can’t look away, then it hits me and I laugh out loud and then try and explain to my husband what is going on so he can see it before the gentleman gets to the store and disappears, plus now I have to park – all in mere seconds…. All the while I am now thinking – OHHH, My camera is in my purse… can’t possibly make this work, purse is in the passenger floor – damn, this would be a great photo...

Alright – so you got the man visualized - tall guy, big guy, in big brown winter coat, walking in mega shopping plaza that does not contain a Home Depot or a Lowes (normally somewhere you’d send the wife and avoid at all costs if you were a man) carrying a glass item about a foot square in one hand and he is heading to the Bed, Bath and Beyond…. Any guesses???  
A Scale, he was returning a scale, hmmm, think he didn’t like what it told him and it had to go back?  

I weigh what?  No way man can’t be right – last time I owned a scale – a regular un-fancy white metal one, it told me I weighed 40lbs less.   You little fancy pants glass scale can’t possibly be correct and if you were, wouldn’t the glass shatter from all my weight?  No dude, you’re wrong, harumph – I’m going back for a regular scale and I’ll have money to spare after returning you, 40lbs indeed… I don’t know how I got talked into this fancy glass thing…. All I needed was a scale, now I’m in this mess of a parking lot, gonna take me an hour to get this settled, gotta pick out a new one, stand in line, find my car, get back out in traffic - damn its cold….
HoMedics 405 Digital Glass Scale