Wednesday, November 7, 2012

They Have Parking Attendants?

Sometimes I’m a bit daft.  Really, it’s not something I’ll admit to very often, most the time I’m pretty smart - but on occasion….

So I’m driving to go workout in the morning (I row indoors two days a week).  In order to row, you must find a community that has a rowing club; lucky for me, I can find that community in the Grosse Pointes, which are right next door to my community - one that would never ever have row machines set up anywhere or possibly even know what they are, even if we did have a place to work out – which we don’t.  You wanna work out? Put on your tennis shoes and go for a walk, but make sure it’s daylight and you have your phone close…. Yeah.  (I jest, but only slightly)   

So, some of the Grosse Pointes are known for being very affluent communities.  I row at a place called the Hunt Club, it’s a damn horse stable in the middle of the suburbs.  Not way far away out in the boondocks kind of suburbs, but right on top of Detroit kind of Suburbs.  It’s a bit odd when you drive down the street and see horses grazing in a field outside - in a very close to urban neighborhood, or what we here call the city of Detroit. 

This past Tuesday was the big Presidential election, voting precincts were packed with cars and lines and people waiting to vote.  As I drove by a school in Grosse Pointe that doubles as a voting precinct I saw two people in the entrance driveway in BRIGHT YELLOW shirts and I thought – my God, they have valets for parking your car to go vote.  Holy crap, I have NEVER seen such a thing.   

So I quick, whip out my camera and get a shot – through the trees.  I would have driven around the block to get a better shot – but I would have had to drive around the golf course - a very big “block” and yes, they have enough open property to also have a golf course in the middle of the city.  It’s a lovely place – really.  They also have a very long shoreline.

I grab the shot and drive about a block down the road and it hits me, oooohhhh, they are probably people handing out pamphlets and asking you to either vote for them directly or the candidate they are supporting.  Ahhhhhh, I get it now…..

In my defense, at my voting precinct the people that hand out flyers don’t wear matching fluorescent yellow t-shirts, so it was not a sight that I had seen before.  The people I have seen wearing fluorescent yellow t-shirts are parking attendants at every event I have ever went to with a big parking lot.  And it’s not totally out of line with the community I was in to not think that there COULD have been parking attendants to assure their voters every convenience.   

So there, maybe I’m not daft, maybe they really were valets instead of volunteers soliciting votes and quite surely – we probably do live in the wrong neighborhood…..

Oh quick – suns setting, I need to get my walk in – I mean, go off to my local club, the one that promotes nature and all the benefits that go with it – now where’s my phone???