Monday, November 19, 2012

Riding - On My Mower - Through Town

On first glance this may look like a guy cutting his lawn – but it’s not… It’s a guy - riding down the sidewalk - on his mower.  

It’s November 19th in Michigan, our lawn mowing days have been over- for many, many weeks….

I was out for a walk and spotted this guy coming at me.  I thought – is he riding down the sidewalk?  

Three blocks later as I stepped out of his way, it was clear, he was riding - on his mower - down Beaconsfield.  Not the street I would pick if I was using my lawn mower for transportation since it seems to be the ONLY road our Police Department ever monitors.   But, there he is – just driving along….

I get past him and clumsily “whip” out my cell phone and zoom in.  I was waiting for him to cross the street.  I bet if I had turned around and stealthily followed behind him another block I could have caught him in the road.  Why you ask?

Because the only valid reason I can think of for hauling your Lawn Boy out in late November and driving it down the sidewalk would to be to take it to the gas station or to Lowes.  Both of which would have required him to cross the road to get there.  The Lowes option being a much safer one, as it is literally located in our neighborhood.  The gas station, on the other hand, would require he cross six lanes of traffic, on Eight Mile, for a fill up.
I was thinking he may have needed a part and was just taking the thing to the source, instead of taking the part out and carrying it into the Lowes, like everyone else does.  Then again, the mower seemed to be running just fine, so what part could he have needed??
I simply don’t know - maybe he was jonesing for a coffee and was on his way to the Tim Hortons?  They say “You always have time for Tim Horton’s” – but maybe he didn’t and when walking wouldn’t get him there fast enough – he resorted to his trusty mower….

I’m gonna zoom, zoom, zooma, zoom, I’m gonna zooma, zooma, zooma, zoom!!