Monday, November 26, 2012

Peripheral Vision

It’s very exciting, after ten years in this house, we finally got a new microwave!  

Due to the stupid high cost of an over the oven microwave (why are they $250 and up, when the ones that sit on the counter are $35??) and the fact that the old cream colored one still worked, we waited it out for its passing – and it’s funny, it’s the first thing I wanted to change out in the kitchen and the last appliance that went.  It’s like it knew I hated the cream color of it and the fact that it did not match any of the other appliances, even before we changed all the others out (one – at - a-  time) so it just hung on and on.

Then it slowly started to pass, it would turn on for no reason, just put ten minutes on the timer and go, bzzzzzzzzzzzzz – running all on its own.  Or it would scream, that wretched microwave beep in one long signal EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, again, for no reason.  Or my favorite, you would go to use it and hit the minute button and suddenly it would show F-2 on the clock screen and then do nothing.  Actually, my favorite (and the hubby’s) was waking up at 4:00 to a screaming microwave, and then having to crawl up on the stove to reach the plug in a high cabinet and yank it out, half asleep, cold and cussing ….

So here’s the thing, soooo excited to have a new pretty microwave, and suddenly it’s like the beige one got its final revenge.  

I stand in this view/angle of the picture above when I am cooking, cleaning, making coffee, getting dishes out of the cupboard,  silverware out of the drawer, washing dishes, etc – and from this view – out of the corner of my eye, it looks like the damn thing is open.  The cream colored microwave was well, bright and light, this one has a big black square in the middle and it looks open – all the time. 

Cutting vegetables – oh the microwave is open, turn – oh, no it’s not.  Making coffee, oh the microwave is open, turn – oh, no it’s not.  Getting silverware - oh the microwave is open, turn – oh, no it’s not.   Grabbing spices - oh the microwave is open, turn – oh, no it’s not.  You get the picture.  Driving me nuts!      

Here’s the other thing, personally I like white appliances, not cream, but white.  And they are so much cheaper.  I know the big thing is stainless and we were very, very slow to get on board, but stainless is hard to keep clean and well, it’s dark.  White is all bright and happy and easy to clean, a nice porcelain coated appliance cleans up fabulously.  Anyway, I know others feel the same way; they just aren’t letting on… 

So I vote we argue to bring back the designer status of a nice bright white appliance, now mind you – we have at least ten years to get this movement rolling, everything in our kitchen is now stainless (or brushed steel – if a magnet sticks – it not stainless, you’ve been lied too and overcharged..) and I’d like them to hold their value for a few years now that we have joined the lemmings.

But in ten years – let’s make classic white classy again!  Or for those of you that have white appliances now – yeah – I applaud your stand against being trendy!  Woohoo to your bright and sunny kitchen!   And I bet your microwave only looks open – when it actually is…..