Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sold - To The Lady With A Quarter!

Ok guys – I wrote a book.  It’s an Amazon e-book, so it’s relatively small and it’s about Garage Sales (ie Tag Sales), but I wrote a book!

Here’s the thing, if you are anything like us, you have WAY, WAY, WAY too much stuff.  It may all be neatly put away and packed up in boxes and closets, but the fact of the matter is – it’s still WAY too much stuff.

So for the past year or more, I’ve been going through things and have found that this year there is more stuff than ever to sell.  Ok, there might be more stuff because we thought we were moving to Germany last September, but as you see – that didn’t happen.

But I did go through the house when we thought we were moving and started crazy piles – “Take”, “Store”, “Sell”, “Donate”….. I’ve since put back Take and Store – but Sell and Donate are overrunning my life!

Every year we have a Yard Sale – just one, set it up at my friend’s house because he lives on a busy corner in a city that allows sales.  And we clear out a bunch of stuff, I get a few dollars spending money, get to chat it up all day and people happily go away with my former things.  It’s all a win, win.

But this year, our stuff seems to have multiplied – to the point where our garage is full.  If you knew us, you would know that it is a seemingly impossible task to fill our behemoth of a garage.  It is truly bigger than our house and has a walk up loft (Fabulous – I know!!!).

So right this minute I am supposed to be out there cleaning and organizing, but I am here- with you, writing my post.

You forget how awful moving is until you start to get ready to do it again.  Man, there are never enough boxes, things get packed up weirdly just because they fit in the leftover space.  All too often, everything is very HEAVY and very AWKWARD.  It’s a wonder how we ever got the stuff in the house in the first place isn’t it? 

And then we didn’t even move…damn economy…

Anyway – if you too have way too much stuff and you're thinking – hey, I should sell it – let me give you a hand with that, I’m a pro!  Ok, well I do have a sale every year and I wrote a book, so yeah...still going with pro…  Just humor me. 

You can find it on Amazon – if the links don’t work my ASIN is - B00CG7GEQO and it’s called “How to Hold a Successful Garage Sale”.

Happy Garage Sale season - I’m off to price our goodies!!!