Monday, May 20, 2013

The Hemi Part of Cuba

What was that again? The Hemi Cuba????

Is that a new country?  Because I know for a fact that is NOT a car!  

Now I don’t profess to be a Chrysler expert, but I am a huge car girl!  And even though Chrysler (Plymouth & Dodge) are not my brand favorites, I absolutely do know what they built back in the day and they did not build a “Cuba”.  In case you don’t know what they built– they built Cuda’s, short for Barracuda’s, which were their earlier cars, before they shoved giant Hemi engines in them and made them go like hell (and shortened the name and completely redid the body style). 

If you are fortunate enough to own an original Hemi – any Hemi, not just those that were in Cuda’s, then you have a small fortune on your hands, if you are not – eh, you’re not alone.

A Hemi Cuba – fascinating.

Again, I have to wonder about these TV information screens – do you think this person was the same one that declared Chicago a state?  (My post from 8/29/12 – Chicago, the 51st State?)  Is there no proofreader?  

Does this stuff just go to screen as someone types it like the folks who do the Closed Caption typing.  Some of that stuff is amazing – they are typing as they are listening and really, sometimes they aren’t listening….and poof – up goes the words whether they make sense or are just complete garble.  

But I would have to think the brief synopsis of a filmed show would be proofread, as the timing is quite different than that of a live TV newscast.  That’s when the Closed Caption keyer is trying to figure out what someone is saying live on the news and then typing as fast as the newscaster is talking to get it up on the screen.  

This stuff with program information is filmed in advance and scheduled to show at a later date.  It’s not live.

Anyway – if it is a new country – do you think we (Americans) would be allowed to travel there?  Since Pres. Kennedy, we haven’t been allowed to go to Cuba, a country in a warm part of the world just 90 miles from our border.  They could have Hemi engines – I know they have a lot of old American cars in Cuba, no one says they can’t have a big old big block Hemi in them… Maybe this is a special part of the island, just reserved for Hemis?

Or maybe it’s this, it kinda sounds like a sandwich – “I’ll have a “Hemi Cuba” please – yes, fast and spicy would be great”!  There could be a new shop called Detroit Muscle, I don’t know, I can’t keep up on every restaurant opening – but it is possible, since someone did turn the historic Vinsetta Garage into a restaurant.  What a loss to the car culture, but I suppose a boon to our bellies… 

I’m going to go with a part of Cuba is now reserved for Hemi’s and if they gather them all together and sell them back to the Americans (and the Australians, they like them too) , they can pay off all their debts and feed and medicate all their residents.  Sounds like a fine plan to me, plus a 4.0 liter engine is a fine big motor, they could buy them from anywhere, pop those into the gaping hole the giant Hemi left, throw a turbo on and still be able to power those old lead sleds – no problem…

There you have it ,my plan for world economics....American big block engine buy backs! Like a bottle deposit return, only for Detroit steel, not aluminum.