Monday, May 13, 2013

If The Phone Rings

My sister calls last week…

She wants to know, would we like a Dachshund? 

Us - Um, I don’t know – never had a Dachshund.  You know – we’re BIG dog people.

Sister – I’m volunteering right now and someone has one with them and they are - this minute - on their way to the animal shelter. 

Us - Well we do have a perfectly good dog at the moment – who despite her age, is still quite a handful.  Plus, she’s been an only puppy since the husbands kitties passed away.  I think she’s quite happy with this arrangement. 

Sister – She’s a lovely little girl, I’m petting her belly right now.

Us – Uh….

Three hours later

We’ve been suckered…..

Usually we are quite good about not taking in animals other people find.  We tend to find our own.   

The answer to the question “Do you know anybody who would like a dog/cat”?  Is ALWAYS answered with a “Gee no, sorry….

Yeah – I forgot the line.

What we have learned in the last four days:

Naming an animal – is harder than it should be.  We we’re thinking about Nona – short for No Name.  

I thought Chelsea was a cute name.  Apparently, Chelsea is the main rival of the UEFA Soccer Team Manchester United – which I was informed by my husband, would be an impossible name to explain to his fellow Man U follower friends.  So – that will definitely NOT be her name. 

The neighbor girl has LOTS of names for doggies – we are to let her know, as soon as we do, what our old puppies new sister is called! 

She Snores – loudly, all the time.  Louder than the husband.  I haven’t slept in days.

She likes to sleep where the kitties used to, see above.

Her ”voice” is shrill.  Big dog “Voice” NEVER shrill. Scary, loud, deep – yes, shrill, no.

You can’t just pet her head as you walk by, her head is at shin level. 

For a small dog, she weighs a TON.  Apparently Dachshunds are SOLID.

She’s a runner – we have never had anything but dogs who like to hang with us, bolting out the door – all new.

She can run as fast as, or faster, than a squirrel, because two hours ago she caught one in the yard. (Yes, that was me screaming – we haven’t been to the vet with her yet, I have no idea if she has her shots…)

She can walk under the other dog without touching her underbelly.

Bird poop must be delicious.

Any ring on your finger makes a good chew toy.

It is possible for a Dachshund to sit on your head.

She’s a pistol.

Wish us luck – I think we may need it!!