Monday, May 27, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now the Smoke has Cleared

Hubby and I went out on the town for our Anniversary this weekend – dressing up and hitting the big city of Detroit and wandering around one of the local casinos.

We were wandering in the casino because we had dinner at a fancy restaurant at the top of the casino and thought we’d go down for a few drinks after.

Didn’t quite work that way.  I’m not a smoker, but we have been in many a bar in our life and it really never bothered me.  Or so I thought.  Now that they don’t allow smoking in the bars, the air has gotten remarkably clearer in the bar world. 

That apparently is not the rules for a casino.  It was like walking into a blanket of smog.   

Honestly, like going into the girl’s bathroom in High School.  Thick, heavy, gray, truly not pleasant.

We wandered from bar to bar in the casino thinking at one point there would be a smoke zapper that was working in the joint – not so.  So we sidled up to one bar, got a couple of mixed drinks the size of a shot glass for $5 each and then left that bar. 

As we continued to wander around we found this joint.  I thought – oh my, this MUST be a buffet or why else would they call it that????  I HAVE to get a picture!  How funny!!!  A lady even moved out of the way so I could get a good shot.

Now folks, as I told you I had the smallest mixed drink ever sold in America and a glass of wine with dinner – over a three or four hour period - I was just fine.

What do you think the restaurant sign says?   

Cause I thought it said “PIG SLOP” yeah – “PIG SLOP”, not a good name for a restaurant, but I just thought it was a funny play on buffets….

I gather you can read and see that it is called “PIT STOP”?  Good for you – your eye site will qualify you to be a pilot – which is obviously a career choice that is not an option for me…..