Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tread Lightly

The burglar sidles up to the side of the house, off the driveway where no one can see him, and looks up to the window that will surely be the one least noticeable from the road – 

BAM!!!  Whoa -Gee what a pretty knife collection – Uh, maybe I should move on???

So yeah – thankfully this is not my neighbor and not what I have to look at every day of my life when I go out to my driveway, but it is the view of one of my family members.  Nice huh?

Almost better than a snarling dog, but not quite.  Then again, I did not get close enough to the house to see (hear) if there was indeed a snarling dog accompanying this metal ware collection.

I suppose it could be creative expression, this could be art?  I’ve seen worse things considered art than a linear grouping of knives in a window.

Not sure what kind of person this is.  Seems like the type that thinks this is funny?  Maybe not the humor I’m used to, but then again, I am writing about it – and well really – it is kind of funny… ok- bizarre, it’s bizarre.

My guess is that it’s the kitchen window, but aren’t most knife collections stowed away somewhere near the stove?  If it is the kitchen window, there should be a sink right under that window, that is the general design of most houses.  If I’m standing there washing dishes, is a line of knives six inches from my face a more preferable view than the flower garden that runs along the driveway between the houses?  

Are they like a house of fun mirrors?  Some make you look thin in the face – others give you big round cheeks and still others make you wavy?  Hey, the neighbor could be an ex-carney – just missing that 'house of fun' and reliving his youth!  You never know – it could be that.

Then again, it could really just be bizarre…tread lightly family member – that’s my advice, very lightly...