Friday, May 17, 2013

Baby's Got Back

So we were spending a nice “relaxing” evening in the hospital emergency room a couple of days ago….. oh, yeah, maybe not so much relaxing as, well - an entire evening.

People watching is impossible not to do, especially since well, you have a few hours to do it and pretty much nothing else to do while “waiting” – you know – in the room.

The thing about emergency rooms is that they are a slice of America.  No class boundaries here, everyone is equal and no matter who you are, we all have emergencies every now and again.  

Glancing around while sitting the “pleasant” waiting room I notice a few things.  

First, there is the lady, holding her broken hand, who is talking to everyone.  And I mean everyone!  We are in an emergency room – I can see some people just want peace, but not her – she starts on Obama care – which gets the left winged lady in the corner going, which then quickly turns to politics and you can feel the air electrify.   Lady in the corner gets called in – all goes quite again.

Then there is the dude with the most obnoxious cell phone ring you have ever heard, I can only guess he works in a noisy place and that may be the only ring he can hear while working.  He turns his phone off.  All goes quite again. 

Then I look down at the floor.  The man across from me has on a football jersey, flip flops and his toenails are painted red.  I look up at him, he’s a big fella and then I look at his toes again - that is definitely red nail polish.  So I gather he must be a great dad and his daughter must have given him a fancy pedicure, one which he didn't think he would be showing everyone that night, but at the moment had more important things to worry about than his pretty red toes.

A few people get wheeled in and go to the front of the line – no biggie, we were lucky enough to walk in on our own – that’s one good thing.

Finally it’s time to go in a room and get taken care of – when the doctors slip out I take a picture of the chairs above…

No folks, that is NOT a love seat – for you know, finding budding romance while waiting around in the hospital.  No it’s a “baby’s got a little more back” than the average person seat - which is handily next to it for comparison.  Then I look around, there are two of these in the room.  

Oh my, I hadn’t really thought of that before, I do know they were having trouble with fitting everyone into CT Scan machines and enclosed things like that, but the big bottom uncomfortable office furniture chairs?  Not something that had really hit mainstream yet.  Until now….

So here you have it – a chair for everyone – or two of you, if you have a little less back. Sir Mixalot certainly would approve!

"So Fellas (yeah) Fellas(yeah) - Has your girlfriend got the butt (hell yeah)
Well shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake that healthy butt
Baby got back"  wocka wocka wocka wocka shrupa wocka

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