Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Golf Balls In The Garbage Disposal (Re-post)

Hi All, 'tis the season for vacations and super busy long warm days.  I am  going to re-post some of the favorites from time to time, starting with today!  See you with a new post on Friday. Until then - enjoy this classic - it's one of the top five reads on the blog!!

Did you ever in your life think you would discover a golf ball in your garbage disposal??  Me either, but that's just what happened this weekend.  

Above is the actual culprit in the flesh. 

There I was, washing dishes in the sink, the ones you can't put in the dishwasher (you know, aluminum pans, wooden handled knives, fancy Belgian beer glasses) and when I was done with the dishes it was time to flip the switch to the disposal.


At this point my beloved husband came to the rescue and said "Oh, it must be a golf ball".  

Well, alright then, not my first thought of what could possibly be making all that racket in the  disposal, but he must know something I do not.  So, my knight came over, reached his hand into the abyss that is the disposal and produced one mucky golf ball. 

My instinct of course was to pitch the thing, it had been sitting in what all the experts call the dirtiest spot in the house, the sink drain, but he proclaimed rather happily "It's a Noodle!"  

Personally, I've looked at few golf balls in my life, but I can't say I've ever seen a "Noodle".

Just goes to show you, that if you want to make sense of why there was a golf ball in the sink drain, it would be much easier to explain that it was a "Noodle" caught up the drain.  Then of course logically, noodles almost always hang out in kitchens and often fall into the sink when you are straining them.

So there you have it - that is why a golf ball was in our disposal, it was simply trying to get home to the kitchen.