Friday, May 3, 2013

Up, Up and OK, Down

Sitting on the couch I see out of the corner of my eye something not quite right, just a little flutter or something that isn’t normally there.

Then I look across road and into a back yard and I see a leg swinging in a tree.  

How fabulous!!!  I didn’t know parents let kids climb trees anymore – heck, I didn’t know kids even had a clue what climbing a tree was anymore – unless of course it is being done in a video game.  

Kids are scarce outside in this day and age, even if it is inside their own back yard – not counting the avid basket-ballers who live behind our house.  They have a ball (ha ha) morning, noon and night!

But back to the boy in the tree.  I watch for a while and then go grab my camera.  He’s not getting far – which may be a good thing and he does have the garage close by, but I don’t think it’s close enough to hold on to.

Now, I realize climbing a tree isn’t really that great of an idea, and of course usually a tree climb ends up in a tree fall and a broken something or other – which may be why you never ever see kids in trees anymore.  Pretty much the same reason ten year old boys don’t get BB Guns as presents anymore, guaranteed injury…

If you catch a good look at the branch he is on – it is not too thick – in fact, its way too thin to be as far out as he is.  Here I worry about the little guys that crawl up our six foot fence to talk to us between our back yards - this little boy is higher than that.

Then, DUM DA DUM DUM – Pappa appears……. (ooohhh, you're in trouble....)
Boy climbs down – assumingly injury free, lest a few bark scrapes.  

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) my guess is there won’t be any more tree climbing.  But I've got to give it to the boy – he certainly has adventure in his soul, he’ll go far and he’ll see many things.  Real things, better than anything in a video game!