Friday, May 31, 2013

Cicada Hoopla

I don’t get it.  There is all this hoopla on the east coast over the Cicadas – how they only come out every 17 years and this is THE year…. Bug pictures everywhere – New York all over the news…..

Here’s the thing – I took these pictures last year – I was gonna blog about the big bugs, but just never got around to it.  I already had the spider, the centipede, and the praying mantis - I though you all might be getting a little buggie on me (haha) so I skipped them.   

Little did I know it would have been BIG news – “Cicada’s out of sync in Michigan”. 

And, just because I took the pic last year, doesn’t mean their nasty yellow shells haven’t been littering our lawn for as long as I can remember.  We have these giant bugs all the time – every year they are out loudly humming like a live wire in the summer air.  

Oh I have a nasty shell picture somewhere – where is the darn thing….taken, in our yard, last year…before all this East Coast hoopla.  Why does everything in America revolve around New York and California?  There are 48 other states….

Anyway, back to the big loud bugs. 

Ah – here he is – still stuck to the tree – must not be not hatched yet – when they hatch, the shells are scattered all over the ground – they are skeletal and ucky!!
I know they say they only hatch every few years (4,7,17 pick a number that works for you), but I just figured there was a round of them every year.  While some are hibernating and growing, others are hatching – just a cycle of life.

Oh - here’s a newly hatched green one I took on our door screen – last year…

If you come visit us in the fine Great Lakes State you can hear their cyclical summer song vibrating in the air too! No need to rush to New York to see/hear them – we have them every summer. BUZZZWZZZZUUUZZZWUPPP, BUZZZWZZZZUUUZZZWUPPP, BUZZZWZZZZUUUZZZWUPPP