Monday, June 3, 2013

Pavement Pounding


Look everybody – it’s a MONSTER Truck!! Get it!! Haha  

Oh wait, no you don’t get it… yeah, here’s why…

We were driving down the road the other day and we spotted this MONSTER truck.  I tossed hubby the phone to snap a quick photo while we were behind it, because he was in the passenger seat and free to get a good shot.  

Now, I’m not sure how the above photo was even taken, because we were directly behind the thing – directly, same lane - can’t tell that can ya?

Pretty good looking tire though isn’t it?  Yup, Looks new, barely- if ever- mudded in at all.

Lucky for you, I am getting pretty good at taking pictures while driving a car (yikers), my niece was laughing pretty loudly from the back seat about the photo skills of my hubby, so quick as a whip, I dug in my purse for my camera, hoisted it on the steering wheel, and took a quick shot.

It’s a MONSTER Truck – get it??? Yeah – hahaha.  It is funny!

I think that was pretty clever of the owner – I suppose if I were ever at an actual monster truck rally, the MONSTER Logo would be everywhere, on everything – but I’m pretty much NEVER at a monster truck rally – so I’m going with the guy/gal is super clever and sticking to that story.

And just as my husband’s picture showed so clearly above – the tires are just about brand spanking new – guess there’s not much need for a monster truck in the Grosse Pointe’s.  What they call a “Hill” has restaurants and shopping on it, no mud anywhere – for miles….

Boy that town is great for my blog!  Stories everywhere - all the time!