Sunday, June 30, 2013


Whew, is it ever Humuggity outside!!

My hair is like a brillo pad, only softer and brown – ok, brillos go brown if you let them rust and my hair has red tinges – but that’s about as close as I’m going to go with that analogy…

Humuggity you say?  Well that is a word I made up last night.  It wasn’t on purpose, I was trying to say either Humidity or Muggy and Humuggity came out.  

I like it – I think it’s a good word, fits the purpose exactly.

When you say the above phrase (with emphasis) – “Whew, is it ever humuggity outside” – there is no question that you mean humid or muggy.   

C’mon, try it – out loud.  See – it just works.

People make up new words all the time, like – uhh I can’t believe I’m going to repeat these – but like Branjolina, Tomkat, Bennifer – guh, enough of those, but you know what I’m saying – new combo words are made every day.

Are you listening Webster’s?  You put Doh! In the dictionary from Homer Simpson and he’s not even a real person – 

I just might start a campaign, what do you think – should we try and get Humuggity in the dictionary? 

Yeah?  Great! I’ll let you know what I come up with to start the movement.  It could very well be my mark in the world.

Humuggity – Noun;   Pronunciation - Hue-mugg-idy;   Humugged – singular;   Meaning: thick outside with dampness, hot and clammy.  The quick fall of the Barometer in hot weather constitutes the certainty of a day with high humuggity.

Those of us who live in muggy states will certainly welcome the word – can you hear me Florida?  I’m talking to you – it should really be your state nick name.  We here in Michigan only have Hummugityness in the summer months, any other time we are freezing our tuchus’ off.   But you Florida – it’s Humugged for you all the time – you know what I’m talking about!