Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Didn't Know Spiders Had Laundry (Re-post)

Hello all, welcome again to summer re-post Wednesday!  I had been cut off from the world without internet for a day there, it's amazing how attached we are - I was beginning to worry about getting this post up (my i-phone won't connect to "Blogger"...)  but the handy dandy cable guys just left and all is right in the world again!

Here's a favorite originally posted 9/9/2012 - enjoy and see you Friday!!

Did you hear the screeching on Sunday around noon, yeah that was me, screaming like a girl! 

Not because there was a whomping spider, that scared me - it was because I walked in to the the whomping spiders web and bounced said spider off my cheek.  Can't really tell in this picture - but she's got fur!  

I was going out to hang the freshly washed sheets.  Per my request, darling hubby put a clothes line up for me.  I figured since it's been 900,000 degrees outside all summer, why not hang out the washing and get the fresh scent of actual air on our laundry - not a chemicalized "fresh air scent"  from a dryer sheet.  

Besides, they dry in no time flat when it's almost a million degrees and they get ironed by the heat of the sun - it's a win - win all around.

But now, the real estate is being squatted on, by someone who actually lives outdoors and really probably has some squatters rights.  Not sure, I'll have to check the legal books on that.  Can spiders live where they want outdoors, if the place they choose to live is attached to the house and they don't make house payments?  Yeah, I'm sure that's in the Regulations somewhere...

She wasn't in the clothes pin when I went out to hang the laundry; she was full in her massive sticky web.   It's only when the shrieking began did she scurry up to the pin, but not before she did some tidying up of the mess I made with my face.  

Really it was fascinating, she grabbed the loose ends, made a few web piles like cocoons and then receded to the safety of the clothes pin.  She probably was scolding me in spider talk the whole time - Damn that little Miss Moffitt - why didn't she stay on her tuffet?