Monday, July 8, 2013

Urban Lions


Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh my!!

Driving up and down 8 Mile Road in Detroit, I kept seeing something out of the corner of my eye in the back of a parking lot of a dilapidated building and thinking one day I have to stop and peek in.  

Of course there are many, many interesting things to find in the city and I just chalked this up in that category.

Then one day went I by and thought – are those Lions? Those look like Lions??  Has someone gotten creative with the scrap from the building and made cool heavy metal art?  I swear those look like lions…

You know, our pro football team is the Lions, maybe they have taken influence from them and have made a pair of lions?  Ah, if you don’t know are football team, we have some great fans.  Unfortunately for the last 20 plus years, a not so great team… but at least we have a pro team!

So one day I’m driving down the road with my niece and tell her – we have to pull over and see what those are, I‘ve been driving by them for months and I swear they look like giant metal art lions.

So we throw on the hazards, pull up the curb and get out of the car – safe – I know, but it was time to do it.  

We stand there and look across the lot at them.  You can’t get in it’s all gated and chained, but now we are not sure they are lions.  I would like them to be lions – you know, coming to life at night for a little cat fight (ha-ha get it) and then turning back into heavy steel in the morning , but really other than the pro team, we don’t usually find  lions in Detroit.

Alas, they are not lions…

They are, we agree, some bucket part of a heavy equipment digger.  But darn it all, don’t they look like lions?  ROOAAARRRRRR!!!!