Monday, July 22, 2013

Venus Fly Trap

Um, these are flies.

Piles and piles of flies.

On the end of leaves.

On a tree – IN MY BACKYARD!

Have you ever seen anything so gross?

Why are the flies coming to die at our house?  Why are they on our Willow tree?  The tree my husband cut down eight years ago, but it refused to die and grew back, bigger and stronger than ever.  What is this said Willow tree?

Did it know it had a purpose in life eight years ago and this is why it re-incarnated itself?  Was this purpose to collect all the iridescent “house” flies and kill them off?  They are literally dripping off the leaves.  IN PILES.  Guh

It’s like “The Birds” when you walk by the tree.  It buzzes.  Guh

Honestly, I have never seen anything like it – it is truly gross, they are melding together in – well -piles.

I found it odd this year that a day has not gone by since May that we haven’t had a fly in our house,  Hubby dutifully kills one every night and then we open the door to let the dogs out and another flies in.  We’ve commented on it several times.

I don’t want to be the house of the holy for flies – I just don’t.  

And now, now we have this very large buzzing Venus – I mean Willow Fly Trap out in the back yard.  It’s really disgusting.

Anyone know what this is?  Or is it just our special lot in life to be the new eradicators of golden iridescent flies – ‘cause really, we don’t want that job…. Guh