Monday, July 15, 2013

Nanu Nanu

So my sister stayed with us for the weekend a while back and you just never know what she is going to pull out of her sleeve. 

It’s a Saturday winter morning she comes strolling into the kitchen in these.  Colorful – no?

Then I look again and start laughing.  

I swear Santa brought us these when I was like seven! 

He did, Santa did indeed bring us these very slippers, we each had a pair.  How is it that she STILL has these slippers and is wearing them decades later in my house?  In 2013?

Does anyone remember Mork from Ork?  Anyone??  Guh…  Then here’s your homework assignment, get online and look him up.  He’s actually Robin Williams, when he was younger.  Before he had a movie career of any kind; he was Mork from Ork– in a sitcom called Mork and Mindy.

He said Nanu Nanu – a lot, no one knows why or what it meant.  I don’t really remember the show – but I do remember he started a fashion trend – which involved rainbow suspenders and primary colors.    

And THAT my friends is where these come in.  My older sister enjoyed the show and you know how siblings are, so when one child gets something, the younger child gets the same exact thing or similar in a different color.  That way there is no bickering.   

One of our parents found these lovely’s and apparently they came in both our sizes – so back in the day there were two long haired little girls running around in crazy looking colorful slippers.  Probably saying Nanu Nanu and Shazbot – a lot, again, no idea what they mean.  Hmm, maybe I should do some homework too – what do these two nonsensical words mean?? 

Google?? Suri?? Wikipedia?? Anyone??  Producers of Mork and Mindy, are you still out there, or did you get in the egg and go home??

Or maybe we didn’t wear them at all… could be why they are still intact and my sister is wearing them now.

Then she informed me she has BOTH pair, Really?  What box did you get?  Are there any cool Hot wheel cars in it, how about some of those crazy Rat Fink trading cards that came in the bubble gum packs – some of those must be worth Something, do you have any of those?  You can keep the rainbow suspenders; quite sure I didn’t wear them when they were “popular”.  Pretty positive I won’t wear them now….

Do you think my slippers from when I was seven will fit me now?  There is no way you can’t smile when someone is wearing these crazy looking things… Should help on a bleary winter’s day – that is, if my adult feet can fit into my little girl slippers….  

Maybe I should just hang them on the tree come Christmas – Ohhhh, they can be stockings!!! 

Yeah – that should work, crazy, colorful, fake sheepskin lined stocking slippers – yeah – I’m all over it – great idea!  Santa will be thrilled to see what good care has been taken of them all these years – I should get all kinds of fabulous goodies from him this year!  

Yeah sis – bring me my slippers!!!