Friday, July 26, 2013

It's All A Grand Illusion

Welcome to the Grand illusion, Come on in and see what's happening, Pay the price - get your tickets for the show.
The stage is set, the band starts playing, Suddenly your heart is pounding, Wishing secretly you were a star…

Just a little help from Styx, to get this Friday going!

Hey, see the dude on the top of the building.  The one in the hat and what looks to be a tux, with his hands behind his back?  Yeah, I saw him too!  So did my husband – we both saw him, together, at the same time!

We’re down in Detroit, because - well we live here.  Ah, but that’s not the point.

We were down in the area near the Tiger Stadium (ok, Comerica Park if you must get technical) and the Opera House – hanging out – having a few beers and an all around lovely time on a sunny afternoon.  One of us looks up and sees this man on the top of a building – I can’t remember which one spotted him.

So we stare for a while and he doesn’t move.  Then we think, maybe he’s metal art, you know like a sculpture – there’s tons of cool art in the area, it just pops up, I’m sure it’s not sanctioned or approved. 

So, someone could very well have put a metal art rusty sculpture man, in a hat and tuxedo, on top of the Opera House roof – it just fits.    

We snap a picture and continue our socializing and wandering around.  There’s a band playing in the park, we hang out for a few and listen, then we wander off to get lunch. 

As we wander, the view changes. 


By George (oh yeah and welcome to the world Royal baby George) It’s not a man at all!! It’s not even metal art!  The whole coolness of the Opera House having a metal art man in a hat and tux on their building is ruined.  

Ruined I say….  

Look – it’s a stupid satellite dish – how disappointing…..
Take us out Styx... 

So if you think your life is complete confusion, Because your neighbors got it made.
Just remember that - it's a Grand illusion, And deep inside we're all the same.
We're all the same (same, same, same – a little reverb is necessary here… )

Wait - who the hell is Styx you ask?  Sorry, I’m a music girl, I bizarrely know way too much stuff.   You’ll just have to look ‘em up, they were popular in the 70’s, you can find them on vinyl.  It should be required all ages know who they were – they had some crazy catchy music and a lot of feathered hair. Enjoy them when you find them online!