Friday, July 12, 2013

The House Band

Little did I know that when we named dog #2, that we would have a famous band – in house, all the time!  

Now I’m not talking about the snoring chorus that occurs almost every night – (you remember the “Snorphony” posted on 1/21/13 and that was BEFORE dog #2 - who can take both of them in a decibel test) so let me fill you in.

Dog #2, you know the dog that didn’t have a name for a full two weeks and is still on shaky ground as a permanent member of the household (ok, ok, she’s not going anywhere – I just like to think there’s an out…)  

The one we should have called Trouble Gluton, Usain Bolt or Red Devil?  Yeah that one.    

Sweet little innocent Rosie (or Rose Mary if I’m hollering across the neighborhood looking for her short little furry behind cruising down the street at warp speed).  Beautiful little Rosie, we’d like her to grow into her delicate name, to match the cute little innocent face she has – one can hope…

And Dog #1.  Now, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned Dog#1’s name before.  First of all let me tell you she is a girl, dainty and light footed when she walks.  We rescued her from a horrible life over ten years ago, where she was chained to a basement toilet, with her sister, and was a puppy making machine.  Her legs had been broken several times, her ears split, she had wood shoved up her paws and was covered in ticks.  It took many months for all her wounds to heal.  And she is a total treasure….

She came with a name – I like to say we got her “used” and we didn’t name her when people look at me funny and I have to repeat she’s a girl.  She knew her name very well and only answered to it.  I tried to change it something precious – Magnolia, thinking we would call her Maggie, but she would have none of it. 

HER name is Gunner.  Over the years we eventually got her to answers to Gunnie, a little more feminine, but for the first five years it was Gunner and only Gunner.  All of her chained up siblings were named after military ammunition's, boy or girl – nice huh?  

So, Rosie was doing something agitating and I went to correct her – coming across the living room floor I automatically said “Guns” going into the name that first comes to mind when addressing a dog in this house – then I started laughing when I corrected myself and called her Rosie.

Did you guess our house band??? Its Guns and Rosie – we have “Guns and Rosie” in the house – I think that is hilarious!!  Lord knows we couldn't handle two Roses in this house, so a singular Rosie it is.  Hahahahah. Funny huh?  

Now where can I get a dachshund sized bandana? Ohhhohhh, sweet dogs of mine…..