Friday, June 14, 2013

Penne For Your Thoughts

Ok, I have to be careful where I go here.  I usually don’t like to show the names of brands, but without it – I have no story… Do you know where I’m going with this already?  Yeah – see, the full visual is really necessary.

So, I’m in my favorite shopping therapy place, “The Big Lots” (cause it’s cheap therapy and I think the place is kind of like a giant treasure hunt) and I’m doing my wander around the isles to see what lovely items have been shipped to the Big Lots for my perusal and possible purchase, when I came across this.

Huh, SPAM Alfredo?  Let me repeat that, SPAM ALFREDO.

I just don’t know.  

SPAM – which I have recently learned on the old time radio station on XM Radio, stands for Shoulder of Pork (SP) and Ham (AM), is a lovely salty canned meat meal/snack/ treat and Hawaii’s favorite main dish.  Popular, storable, affordable – all very good things.

But SPAM, is very, very salty and is like, well pressed ham.  Have any of you in your life ever put ham in an Alfredo sauce?  Sounds horrible.  This is probably why it is at the Big Lots.  Actually, I would say it was DEFINITELY why it was at the Big Lots.  So I am not saying anything here that they are not already aware of at Hormel.  

Therefore, if any of you are dying to try this combination – hurry to your Big Lots quick, only a buck fifty a shelf storable package!  You will not find it on your grocer’s shelf, just a shot in the dark, but it has to be a discontinued item.  

I give them credit for trying something new and the label did catch my eye – so good job marketing department!  But they should have gone with a cheddar broccoli and rice mix instead of noodles and Alfredo.  

Hey Test Kitchen, I think your taste buds are shot from all the sodium, looks like it’s time for a new crew.  

Wait, I like SPAM, and I love food – Hormel, if you want to move me to Hawaii and hire me to taste test, just let me know – can’t beat a good pork product!  And I don’t have high blood pressure, so I can stand a little extra salt in my diet for a while… You know, in case you are thinking of hiring a whole new crew.  Just throwing it out there…

Oh and my husbands an engineer, in case you need someone new in product development.  Again, just a shot in the dark, but I think you do.  Thanks Hormel!