Friday, June 28, 2013

Earning a Crust

My I tell you, you can’t beat the help around here…..

You are witnessing a true to life expert on greenery, right there, busting his tail in our back yard.
We imported him from Ireland, you see it’s very green over there and well, we have a large yard that is also very green – so we had an expert fly in for some assistance.

And there he is – something like 4000 miles from home, pushing a mower in our “garden”!  

I know – our luck around this house is amazing – Italian snow angels in the winter and Irish greens keepers in the summer.  Can’t say I’ve ever lived anywhere else that produces such fabulous free perks as this place! 

All this for a few weeks room and board, fabulous I tell you, just fabulous!

Oh and the same thing goes as with our snow angel (posted 3/17/13) – you’re going have to get your own – this magical corner of the earth is our special secret.  Sorry….