Monday, June 24, 2013

Let 'er Rip

Hey, have you all seen this yet?

This is one of those fabulous things like drink holders in shopping carts and water bottle fillers in drinking fountains – hmmm, both have something to do with liquids.  Well, this one does not, although maybe it could, it just depends on the seal and would it be watertight.

Anyway, back to have you seen this?  Guess I should tell you what it is, in case you haven’t seen this.

It’s Velcro – built into a plastic bag!!  

I know – flippin ingenious.  

Now re-sealable really means re-sealable, no more “skill tests” with sticky strips and zip-locks… 

Life just got a whole lot simpler.

I had thought the zip lock on plastic bags similar to this (i.e. dog food, frozen veges, lunch meat, cheese) was a pretty good idea.  They didn’t always work, but the zip lock was better than the chip clip, paper clip or rubber band options.

But this is so much cooler!  The pictures are from our dog’s food bag.  You just pull it open and then pretty much touch it shut again.  No lining up zippy locks and pulling and pulling across the bag trying to make them fit together properly enough to close.  On this bag I have a whole half inch of Velcro hooks, it’s always going to line up.  Half inch vs. three millimeters – now let me see, which one is easier??  

And unlike a slippy, misaligned or torn off zip locks, there is NO WAY THIS WON’T WORK….ok, I’m sure someone will find a way, but it’s not me (at least not yet anyway).  It’s pretty much a one touch deal, since it’s not holding liquid – water tightness is not an issue – so for the most part – the seal is always lined up well enough to close the bag.  

Plus, I’m removing things from the bag – therefore it’s not going to be too full to shut – every time I use it, there is more room – so it’s always going to work!

I know!  I think it’s great too.  Oh you can tell? 

It’s the little things people – the little things….