Monday, June 10, 2013

Got OJ?

I thought he was in jail?  Isn’t he in jail?  He’s supposed to be in jail.  

I’m sure TMZ was just making fun of him last week for his lack of form.  In other words, massive weight gain (ok, not massive, but he’s certainly not taking advantage of the prison weight room…..) and he was wearing orange scrubs/jumpsuit. 

So, how on earth did he end up in my neighborhood?  Hmmm, I suppose if you broke out of jail in California, hiding in Detroit might be a good thought.  Then again, hiding in Detroit is probably impossible.  

Not only will people know who you are, I was working in the hood (really, very smart bums wheeling shopping carts with “portable” fires in them to keep warm, looping around our multi barbed wired, dual fenced, highly security guarded, place of employment) – when the first non-conviction came about – the place was none too pleased.   And I'm sure if I were working anywhere else in the city that day - the response would have been exactly the same.

We all had the radio on when the conviction came through – sir, you did not get a single cheer. If I recollect – the air was sucked out of the place with a collective gasp when you were proclaimed not guilty.  

So if you are seeking cover here, I do not think you will find it.  We are not a star struck people in this city, so don’t expect your “celebrity” to buy you any cover whatsoever…. 

And if you're looking for Kwame - well that criminal moved to Houston - he may have been your only bet.  The rest of us are smarter than that. Oh, wait, maybe he's in jail too - yeah, I think he's here, but his butt is in jail too.
Of course, OJ is in jail for not possessing the ability to lay low once he amazingly beat the double murder rap years ago.  Invincible sir, you are not.  Karmas such a bitch!

So again, why are you here, near me?  Is this like a wanted poster? Got OJ?

Maybe Al Cowlings moved here after all the hoopla died down?  He might be welcome in Detroit.  Certainly lots of us have been convinced to do stupid things for friends before.  

Yeah – Al could live here – It’s a bit of a change for a former NFL Player from ritzy high dollar living California, but I like it here – so yeah, Al could be my neighbor – that might be ok.   

As for the Bronco – it still looks great!