Friday, June 7, 2013

Should Have Been Trouble

So a few weeks ago I briefly introduced you to our new “gift” dog – without a name.    

Well, she has a name now – a new precious, sweet Petite Fleur of a name and a cute little red flower dog tag to match.  We call her Rosie – innocent and sweet, well mannered and behaved -little Rosie… HA!

After we named her, we realized we selected the wrong one – you see it should have been TROUBLE – yes we should have called her Trouble, because that is a name that would fit her enormous personality much better.   

Our other dog, if given a vote, would probably have named her Interloper, because truly she didn’t ask for her and would enjoy some peace and quiet and would be most happy if she were to go away.  

Linebacker also would have been a good choice, since she tackles the big ole sweet dog like she were participating in a game of football, when all she is doing is standing there.  

Really we didn’t need to name her at all – as my husband has discovered, she mostly responds to a wolf whistle - that is - when you get a response.

The other day, as she was running like Usain Bolt across the road chasing yet another squirrel, bird, rabbit, bee – whatever, faster and farther than I could catch her, I found I became my father.  

This was the fourth time in as many weeks that she has shot across the road into oblivion, beyond buildings and hills – to nowhere.  Behavior like this is so unexpected in our world, of all the dogs we have had in our life, precisely NONE have been runners.  So not cool…

Oh, how did I become my father you ask?  Well…. Whenever I was in trouble as a youth, pops would use my middle name – when that came out of his mouth, you stopped in your tracks and turned around to face the music.

Now I didn’t know this, but Rosie has a middle name, I gave her one, unconsciously.  As she was zipping over the hill I screamed ROSE MARY and she stopped, dead in her tracks, turned around and rolled over on her back – belly to the world.

Huh, who knew – middle names – the great equalizer, universal in all species for stop immediately and face the consequences.  Good to know!
 Looks like she's just missing her whiskey on the rocks -doesn't it? Trouble......