Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Delay, Delay, Delay

My apologies for the delayed post, but we were en route on an international flight, with a miserable head cold and a fried iPad mini.  It seems all of the forces were at work against getting anything posted.

To assist further with the difficulty we came home to a dead cable system, which also translates to zero internet connection on the home laptops - tis the iPad mini “insurance” I thought “ I had secured.  It has failed its 1st test miserably.  Multiple calls to AT&T have confirmed – we are the only ones “out” in the area.

So tonight is News Years Eve in the most peaceful house ever to grace our street.  

No New Years Rockin Eve on the TV, no ball drop, no countdown to send out the old and ring in the new, no horrible Ryan Seacrest – making millions by smiling at us.  

Just a couple of tired jet lagged people, in a cold house, with a happy to see us dog.

We were also greeted with snow, eight plus inches, nicely shoveled by the house sitter and the neighbor, but piled up in a fashion to block my car in the garage.  If the fridge had any food in it, that little factoid wouldn’t matter.  But I must go off to the grocer and hubby get’s to go out and move a large frozen snow pile.   At least there is no more snow falling down.

For now, there is just peace, no football Bowl games, no movies, no news, nothing.  Just a few slamming car doors from the church members across the street and an occasional snore from a napping husband on the couch.  Funny how snow brings silence.

I’m not one for resolutions, but I resolve to go to the Apple gods in the New Year and make that expensive little paper weight light up again.  I’m hoping that will be easier than losing seven pounds, which really should be my resolution.  Can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing hubby is resolved to getting the TV fixed, no question his will be accomplished first.  

There’s something to be said for peace in the New Year.  May you also have a happy, joyous, peaceful 2013!