Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Whew, That's Heavy

All those eleven boxes of cereal, my gosh, whew, how can we carry them?  Good thing we have this handicap ramp!!

OK, maybe a bit dramatic, but we have a church across the street from us and they do a variety of things at different times.  

The other week this clearly marked hospital van pulled up and I thought – are they going to do a blood drive?  Wow, impressive, they do have a lot of members and people from the neighborhood would certainly give.

They then opened the back up and I was watching though the window.  Then the empty wheel chair ramp came out and I thought – huh, maybe they are delivering a member?  

Seven people then appeared “to help”.  Finally something came out onto the ramp.  A person stooped over in the in the van pushed a box to the end.   Must be a heavy box.   

I’m still thinking it’s a blood drive or maybe a flu shot clinic and this is special medical stuff.  Then another box gets pushed out to the end. 

A lot of people are just standing around, I’m thinking there is probably some order and each person has a task, they are just waiting for the stuff that will be at their station.  Then I look again, is that a Mini-Wheat box, are those Trix and Cheerios? 

Ok, a big van from the hospital (can’t be a cheap run), is delivering a bunch of food to the church.  Good enough, a food drive, they do those there.  Tis the season. 

Then – that was it.  Just eleven boxes of cereal.            
One stooped over person pushed all eleven boxes of cereal to the end of the ramp - one at a time.  I’m still confused about the whole need for the ramp thing.

A)     Cereal weighs like 6 ounces
B)      There is one person in the van and six just standing around
C)      Why not hand a few boxes at a time out the door to each person?
D)     The bending over and sliding of the boxes one at a time down the ramp just seems,  well, unnecessarily difficult
E)      Was there a reason to wait until all eleven were on the ramp before commencing removal?

Then only three people stacked three or four boxes of cereal – in the awkward horizontal direction, on their arms and walked it across the lawn to the door of the church.  The van wasn’t even backed up to the doors, it was on the street.  

Of the three people carrying the collective 18 to 24 ounces of cereal stacks, one dropped their collection.  No one helped them pick up the boxes. 

Why not put one box in each hand, and walk in, OR if the others were really not willing to help, the three people could have tucked a box each into their arms – right and left and taken one in each hand, the one with only three boxes could open the door with their free hand – plus you’d still be able to see, no blocked view from a stack of four boxes.  

I know someone was doing a good thing, but really, one person could have done this entire exercise all by themselves in less than five minutes. 

Drive up, stop, get out, open van, fill a large cardboard box (say an egg box) with the cereal – really this should have already been done for easy transport to the destination, walk it in, set it down, walk out, if there needed to be a second box, repeat previous three steps, get back in van, drive back to hospital. 

I don’t know, I just don’t know…..