Friday, January 25, 2013

Stream of Elimination

OK, it’s not like I don’t get out in the world, promise I do, quite a bit – but look – another cool update of an everyday convenience!

Have you seen this before?  It’s a water bottle fountain – I know!!  You don’t have to do anything – you just set your bottle down and it fills!  There is stream of water filling my bottle in the pic, it’s just hard to see.  And the bottle doesn’t touch anything but the pad on the bottom – so it’s all very hygienic too!

My row club moved – no more watching pretty horse’s do their jumps in an indoor ring or ladies clubs playing tennis (depending on which way your rower faced) from a large upstairs room last decorated in approximately 1974, complete with sweeping copper accents.  (I actually kind of enjoyed the whole vibe of it all and I really enjoyed pulling in there and pretending I belonged….).

Nope, we are now in a brand new fancy club – except we have been relegated to the basement in a cement room with no windows and an echo that pretty much eliminates any attempt at socializing.  We aren’t actually allowed the use of the club, just the basement cavern – it is painted blue though – I suppose to mimic the sky and the lake?

We all tell ourselves it’s a lot healthier for us, just because of the fact there we can’t actually see mold colonies on the ceilings of the new place, so I suppose it’s for the better.  It’s a tad further drive and I always found so much blog fodder going to the old place – I hope the new location provides future interesting things along my drive. 

Anyway – do you see the little green lighted box at the top of this fountain?  Well – it is telling us that it has “eliminated” 1134 plastic bottles from the environment.  I suppose, but what would have happened in my case is I would have found and “old fashioned” water fountain to refill my bottle or just did it when I got home from the kitchen sink – therefore I find the count to be a little ambitious.  My guess is that 80% of the other people filling bottles there would have done the same thing.  

Either way – I like it!  Can we put one of these next to my bed?  I tend to run out of water every night and when I need a drink late, late at night– the bottle is empty.  Lord knows I’m not going out in the cold to fill it back up – It’ll get refilled before I go to bed again the next night.  

But yeah – this would be handy! 

So would a garden hose, hmmm, there is one right the window – maybe we can rig a spigot inside next to the bed – then there won’t be any noisy compressor running to keep the water cold – or shiny green lights keeping me up at night.  

Wow, if you could ask all the garden hoses of the world how many people have drank out of them – I bet the number would be infinitely higher than the 1134 “bottles eliminated” at the fountain.  They were around long before the plastic bottle – and I’ve heard, in the beginning of the bottle age – regular garden hoses were actually used to fill those bottles, starting the whole trend back in the late 80’s…. oh those brilliant entrepreneurs….
 These are the horses from the old club - not the case you were wondering.