Monday, January 21, 2013


These are my beloveds and both my beloveds’ snore- on occasion.

Two nights ago, due to a stuffed up nose with the husband and whatever with the dog – there was a snorephony in our room.   Kind of like a symphony, but a bit scratchier, deeper and much more room rattling.  When one breathed out the other breathed in, creating a constant level of snore occurring in the room at all times.

I will have you know I was not up conducting the snorephony, but if I was I would have at least tried to get them on key and in sync so there could have been a half second of peace rotated throughout the night between snores.  I also may have started the concerto a little earlier.

As for this wonderful picture, I should say she doesn’t sleep on the bed anymore, but she used to and she used to sleep next to me on the other pillow before the hubby and I were married.  Once married the husband, of course, took precedence and got “her” side of the bed.  

She was then moved down to the foot of the bed, but every now and again we’d wake up in the morning and sometime during the night she had carefully and quietly wiggled her way back up to “her” side of the bed and to “her” pillow.  Shared very nicely I might say!

Look at them both so peaceful – I’m betting the morning I took this shot there wasn’t a snorephony in the room the night before –or  one of them would have woke the other up if they were that close.  I can attest to that!

Wait, we may be on to something here; maybe we should get one of those sound activated recorders?  I could have a masterpiece on my hands and not even know it with my two little snoring prodigies.  

The Snorephony in the key of B Flat, presented only after midnight – hot tea and warm milk will be served – along with big fluffy pillows and a nice soft cotton blanket – snuggle up and get ready to take in the sounds of the night!!

Ohh, or maybe it’s a Snorepera – since there aren’t any instruments – not counting the vocal chords….. 

Happy to share with you all that last night I slept ever so well, a solid nine hours if you can believe it!  If there was any snoring going on whatsoever –it could have very well been me…..