Friday, January 4, 2013

Matchy, Matchy

OK, I have poorly disguised this guy’s face, with a flesh blob, but this post is not about my uber poor Photoshop skills (that was a previous post….).

What this is about is - he is dressed like a four year old.  Yes, I said a four year old.  Which he is not - he is a middle aged man - not even a twenty something.....

So I’m sitting in line at the gas station waiting my turn and I see this fellow get out of his car.  The coat catches my eye.  I’m not really sure why it did, it just did.  So I look at him – ok, it’s freezing and it’s a nice, expensive looking, puffy warm coat, with some color and personality – no problem.

Then he walks around his car to the pump and I see his shoes - oh my, they match his flippin coat!  His - shoes - match - his - coat!  And I'm not talking black shoe's and a black coat kinda thing - this is a bit, shall we say "sportier".

Please note the color stripes on his shoes are in the same order they are on his coat…. Black, red, white, black.  Come-on!  Does this mean if he opened up his jacket his shirt would have a red and a white strip on it too???

Again, I didn’t have my good camera with me to do a zoom, had to rely on the phone shot and I only took one, but if you look close – you will see what I’m talking about.  Man, I need one of the 007 cameras in my car – just tell it what to focus on and it takes pics inconspicuously – from the hood ornament or something.   

Hmm, do you think he has matching red and white sports cars at home?  Or maybe the interior is red, with white piping?  Maybe there are other car colors like green and blue and when he opens his garage he picks what matches his attire that day and drives that one?  Ah the possibilities...

Oh, I have another idea, maybe he’s a bowler!  They always have outlandish shoes.  There could be a matching bowling ball inside the car – oohh, with a matching bag, you know, black with a red and white stripe on it – how fun!!!   

Yeah, he could be on his way to the bowling alley after work.  This could be his team’s colors and he is really, really into his team.  Sports the colors very proudly!   

Because really I can think of no other reason.  Can you?