Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Extremely Loud and Way Too Close

BOOOMMZZZZ, BOOOMMMZZZZ, the man down the street got a new BOOOMMMZZZZ, stereo in his car….

He has an old 1970’s Nova, FAAZOOOMMMZZZZ, BOOOMMMZZZZAAAA, which he fixed up and he’s really been spending a lot of time, WALLAAMPPPZOOMZZ, with it.  It stood in the driveway for two years with a cover BABABABZOOOMZZZ, BABABAZOOOMZZZ, over it and it didn’t run, but now he’s got it, WALUMZOOMMMZZZ, going again. 

I’m THUMPA, THUMPA, THUMPA, very happy he’s got his car going and has invested, BZZZMMMM, BZZZMMMM, BZZZMMM, in a new stereo.  I’m a huge car girl, ZZZZMPHHH, ZZZZMPHHH and love it when a classic is brought, BOOMZZA, BOOMZZA, BOOMZZA, back to life.

Now I’m not against music GABBOOOMPAZZZM, in fact I‘m quite a big fan of the stuff, WHUMPZZZ, WHUMPZZZ, WHUMPZZZ, spent a lot of time at live shows in Detroit and Canada BOOOMMMZZZ, THAZOOOMZ, a whole lot of my youth has been spent enjoying very loud, DABOOOMMZZZ, but also very live music. 

It’s so loud, THAZZOMZZZZ, THAZZOMZZZZ, that the windows in the house are, ZZZMZZZMZZZ, rattling.  

This neighbor, DOOUUNNZZZ, DOOUUNNZZZ, is not next door to us, but down the BUGGAMZ, BUGGAMZZ street.  And if it were WAHHUUMMPPP, WAHHUUMMPPP, WAHHUUMMPPP, anytime during the weekend, BUGGGAZOOOMM, it wouldn’t faze me much, as I’m a true THUUNNGGG, THUNNGGG, believer that people should be able to enjoy THUNNGGG, ATHUNNGGZZZ, their houses on the weekends.

WHAHOOOMZZZZ, BAAALLLOOMZZZZ, FAAZZOOMMZZZZ, but you see BOOOMMZZZZ, its twelve thirty at night, FAAAZZZOOOMZZZZ, on a Tuesday, WAAPOOMMZZZZZ, can you hear him at your house too?  FAWHUMP, FAWHUMP, FAWHUMP…. 

I just want to sleep – ZZZZZMMMZZZZZHHH.