Monday, January 14, 2013

Creature Comforts

Here’s something I didn’t know – shopping carts come with drink holders!!

And judging by the chipped paint around it, they’ve been coming this way for a while?

Normally I shop at a small local market and just use my shopping bag to carry stuff.  When totally necessary I go to the Kroger, really because that is the only large grocer in my area.  But the other day I was going to be doing errands in another county – so I planned a big shopping excursion at a different grocery store.

I love grocery shopping!! Food, everywhere, anything I want and things I didn’t even know I wanted – it’s simply wonderful!  And for some reason grocery store music is all the stuff you haven’t heard in decades, but know all the words – so I sing and shop, la la la….   I seriously considered opening a business once to grocery shop for other people I love it so.  

Anyway – while on this big shopping excursion at the bigger, better, nicer grocery store I looked at the cart and thought – oh my goodness – cup holders!!  Someplace to put my big giant decaf coffee to enjoy while I shop and sing – weeeee!!!!

Than another possibility occurred to me – it was probably designed to be a sippy cup holder. 

Yeah, that makes a ton of sense.  You plop your child in the cart “seat’ and then for the rest of the shopping excursion you are bending over picking off the floor the sippy cup that keeps falling out of the leg hole of the cart, over and over and over again…..  So some brilliant engineer at the shopping cart manufacturer (I’m guessing a woman by default) came up with the idea of putting a drink holder on the cart.  

Amazing no one thought of this DECADES ago.  Of course we here in America are cup holder crazy, even putting them in sports cars to the horror of other countries who think they are an abomination in such a vehicle.  Pshaw, everyone needs a cup holder at one time or another – everyone!

So where can we put them next?  In wagons, tricycles, segways, dirt bikes, the front of coats, jean legs, purse straps, dog leashes, heck even in counter tops and desks – would stop any accidental tipping and spills – the possibilities are endless, maybe not entirely convenient – but endless.

Anyone want me to go grocery shopping for you?  Ta do run run run, ta do run run....