Monday, January 7, 2013


Well everyone today is January 7th – one whole week into the New Year!

And I have a question for you – how are those resolutions coming along????  Hmmm, don’t tell me you’ve already faltered.  Oh and so soon??  My, my, my….

Well, I’m happy to report that what I mentioned was my resolution – to go to the Apple gods and get my iPad working again, has been a success.  They gave me a whole new iPad – and it indeed works!  

Now yes, it did take a couple hours out of my day.  I was a little hesitant, like I wouldn’t fit in and I didn’t know where to go.  I did make the mistake of going to a counter and sitting down, near the register, where I was quickly informed that the spot I had chosen wasn’t correct and to find the “girl with the long dark hair and an iPad in her hand for direction”.  

Standing in a store full of hip young something’s, crowded to the gills. Music going I don’t particularly like, people bumping into you, looking at you – it was like going to a new gym where you have not been before and you don’t know where the women’s locker room is, but have managed to wander into the men’s “side” of the gym with the mega ton free weights stacked all over the place. 

Well, be proud, I found the girl with the iPad, she poked some stuff in and she was pleasant!  She told me to go talk to the guy with the long hair. 

So, I found the guy with the long hair, again, crap shoot here, he also was pleasant, listened to my story, took my iPad and led me to another guy – who I thought would be the one to help me.  Turns out, he was designated as my entertainer.  Yes, that’s right – he was told to keep me company and entertain me while the long haired fella went off with my iPad.  OK, I’m guessing he was thrilled!

I’m pretty good at having conversations with geeky type fellas, just maybe not ones that are 19.  We struggled along, he told me the guy with the long hair “was like 40!!!!” could I believe that!!! (I could) AND “he did yoga”.  Well then, I feel a little better, he must not think I’m 40 or he would have never said that to me.  

OK, ten minutes have passed.  Then we talk about the different Apple stores in the area, he likes this one, people are nicer than they are at the one in the uppity mall a few miles away.  OK, I give you that too.  If the people working in a store jammed with 50 people/customers in it are pleasant, then the neighborhood must be pleasant too – personally I had to drive 20 miles to get there because there are no Apple store near my gritty berg.   But if there were, I’m sure we’d be even nicer!

Alright, twenty-five minutes, he’s getting fidgety, we talk about the snow – we are now officially to the weather part of the conversation which means, we got nothing….. He goes in search of the yogi, comes back without him.  

People are starting to lineup behind me; they have been instructed by the dark haired girl with the iPad to wait behind me for the entertainer.  I tell him to take the next person, he looks incredibly relieved, until I hear their conversation start – I was golden!  This next gal is tough.

I’ve been here a really long time, maybe an hour now and I’m wondering where yogi and my little pink covered iPad have ran off to?  Then he bounces out from the crowd with a replacement.  It was true -mine was dead.  He didn’t have any new ones in boxes, but he did have one in the repair area – brand new, but wouldn’t be a full on exchange here you go – out the door kinda thing, I have to act like it was repaired.  Paperwork occurs, costs are waived, I don’t care how it’s done as long as I leave with a working machine. 

I’m then sent to the also very pleasant set-up guy to find my Cloud and get my stuff back.  All very simple, Apple thought of most everything.  Finally I trudge back out to the lot, get in my car, drive home.

So, I’m very pleased to report that I’m happy and my resolution is complete – how’s that for a change?  And in the FIRST week - Gosh I’m good!!   Psshhhh, I don’t want to hear it wasn’t a real resolution, ssshhhh, no, it was – really, it was….