Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dis and Dat

There is a reason the Irish have a reputation for being friendly people with the country topping many a travelers “wish to visit” list…

Just take this sign for example – not wanting to "Dis" anyone – including the handicapped – they only offer “Sabled” parking.  Very nice of them don’t you think? 

And of course, this was in a church parking lot –  being a very Catholic country, they are just offering a friendly welcome to anyone who wants to visit the church and light a candle – or perhaps shop downtown, which is also connected to the lot.

Here’s another offering from the same church…
Holy water – on tap, from a spigot!  I’ve NEVER seen this before.  So if you need a gallon or so (never mind getting it in mere ounces), you don’t even have to go in the church or buy it from a store.  It’s just on tap – outside – for the taking.  And the tap has been repaired, so I’m guessing it’s a busy area…  

What other niceties have I discovered in my travels there?

Oh, apparently their chickens are heartier than ours.  In America it seems our eggs need to be refrigerated in the stores, which I’m sure costs a lot of money and wastes a lot of energy to run all those coolers - nationwide.   In Ireland they just sit on a shelf, you know – by the canned beans.

At first it caught me off guard, but this makes perfect sense, chickens don’t lay their eggs inside a cooler, they lay them at room temperature, in a coop –so why is it we feel the need to keep them in the refrigerator once they are in a carton?

Oh and might I offer up this handy tidbit of information – if you have to go to the bathroom and the doors say “Fir” and “Mn’a” – 
Don’t assume Fir = Female and Mn’a = Man 
Oh no, quite the contrary is true – just head in through the door you think is wrong and you’ll be right! 

But bring your sweater – my father in-law has told me (because after a while I just HAD to ask) they don’t make a habit of heating the bathrooms in Ireland – each toilet seat is the equivalent of sitting on an ice sculpture, be prepared!  YOWZAA!!

I had a lot of trouble with this post for some reason.  In case you can't see the spigot photo above- here is a really bad pixilated picture - if you can see the other picture - great! And the font?  Don't know - it just seems to have a mind of it's own today...

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