Saturday, December 29, 2012

Eyeball On The Counter Top?

OK, it's not really, but that was my initial reaction when I saw this.

They say that due to the odd climate temperatures we have had this year all over the world, that there will be a good wine grape shortage. That said, with a useable wine grape being hard to find, the prices of wine from France and Italy are going to go up significantly in the very near future.

Well, I declare this a state of emergency! 
So not once, but twice in the last six weeks I’ve went to the local Trader Joes and bought a case of wine, plus a few extra’s to fit in the handy wine carrying bag we have. For those of you unfamiliar with the Trader Joes, you can get a very decent bottle of wine between $2.99 and $4.99. How can that be you ask? I don’t know – it just is, so why question a good thing?

Mind you, I didn’t say a spectacular bottle of wine, but if you were going to go for spectacular, then cost would not be an issue would it? BUT - If you are going for stocking your personal wine cellar with a good red to sooth a bad day – then $2.99 is exactly what you are looking for, that and for mixing into a Sangria. This way you don’t feel like you’ve defaced a great bottle of wine and committed some kind of wine connoisseurs worst nightmare, would hate to give anyone a heart attack over a Sangria mixture.

Anyway, while at the Trader Joe’s I noticed not one but two different bottles of Champagne for under five bucks. Don’t shudder, they weren’t sugar sweet Asti’s – they were both Bruts. So with my handy dandy wine carrying bag at the ready– I filled it up. I bought more of the one that the shelf was almost bare (thought someone knew what they were doing before me) and felt very pleased with myself.

We don’t generally drink champagne in the summer, except at weddings, but in the winter – a bottle here and there makes for a happy night! And this is where the eyeball comes in.

Hubby popped the cork and since the “cork” was plastic he put it on the counter that collects items to put in the recycling bin. This counter is at eye level (at least for me) when I walk in the back door – and there it was – an eyeball on the counter! And then recognition – ah, whew– it’s a plastic cork. Huh, haven’t seen one of those before. 
Good thing we didn't drink two - I probably would have jumped out of my skin.

Here's looking at you kid!