Friday, December 7, 2012

Body Double...

When exactly was it that Matt LeBlanc became Cary Grant??

About six months ago I saw Matt LeBlanc on the Graham Norton Show and I thought – wow, he is aging VERY WELL.  

I always thought he was a cute guy, but nothing that hit what you might call my hunky guy list (Which truly shows my eclectic tastes, there is of course my very handsome husband, then there’s Doug Luzader who does the news for Fox in Washington DC and the first person ever on my list, actor Matt Dillon, who even though he has not been in anything in years and gives a terrible interview, is simply delightful to look at).

Ah but I return to Matt LeBlanc, again when did Cary grant step back onto this earth and into this man’s body??  It’s incredible!!  

Then I watched the interview and he truly is funny and does cool stuff, like build a dirt track behind his house to race on with his friends and take a motor home cross country to see America.  Yeah, these are things I want to do, mostly because I’m from Michigan and we grew up doing stuff like that, really normal Mid-west kind of stuff.  How endearing!

Have you looked at the pictures?  Is he Cary’s unknown grandson??  They should take some DNA tests or something – wouldn’t it be great to have Cary back?  Not that Matt’s doing bad for himself or anything, he has a great show out right now we don’t watch because it’s on a pay channel, but think of all the romantic comedy movie roles that would open up to him if he were actually Cary’s grandson.  

I for one would be happy to see more romantic comedies in the vein of the old black and whites, but then again, that could just be me and my love for TCM.   New movie, no interest, old movie – riveted to the couch…. 

Anyway world, I didn’t want you to miss this; I personally think it’s a great transformation – ladies??  

Judy, Judy, Judy.....