Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter Road Work Season

Now I know everyone one who has a winter in their town is saying – winter road work season?  I am unfamiliar with this season - do tell….. I thought orange cone season was only during the spring, summer and fall?

Well, apparently it is.  These really can’t be counted as true orange cones….my initial thought is that they were cement.

Driving down the street I saw these and thought – oh my, someone poured Quikete™ down the inside of those two cones and then cut the cones off – those could be really dangerous!!!  

Really, don’t these look like concrete cones, all kinds of things were running through my head in that split second:

Maybe they are more secure when the snow falls and the big plows go by, maybe they won’t blow away in gale force winds, maybe they are made out of that new cardboard kind of material that you start garden seeds in and are bio-degradable, maybe they don’t want people stealing them and playing with them in their pools (they shoot water like a mile…) wait, there are no pools open this time of year, maybe they don’t want people hitting them, oh no, no one really one wants to hit a concrete cone.

How long does it take cement inside a two foot cone to dry completely?  Why would you mix cement in a wheel barrow and pour it down two cones?  How did that maneuver go unnoticed? Did they cut themselves when they sliced the orange layer off? How did they know the cement was dry?

Then I drove past them to this angle and saw just a touch of orange showing through. 

 Ah, maybe they are just muddy, it’s been raining for three days straight – that’s it!! They are just muddy…

So there you have it folks, due to the “mild” winter we had last year, we now can add a new season to road work – muddy cone winter season.

Be prepared, delays may be longer than in the spring due to people hitting something in a muted brown shade or swerving trying to avoid hitting what look to be cement cones and not the normal BRIGHT Orange vinyl ones that scream – stay to the left…. I said the left!!!  

Happy winter driving!!!