Friday, December 14, 2012

Greatest Discovery This Year!

I have just discovered the greatest site it the world!  I wish I would have discovered it before all my Christmas shopping was done, but hey, I can use it in the future for myself and the household too!, have you been to this site?   I always knew there were sites that bought your old gift cards, but I have never visited or used them before.  Usually the gift cards we get are for food, and well, food never goes to waste in this house!  

The other day when I was finishing up my Christmas shopping I saw a gift card on the ground in the mucky parking lot.  I find a lot of things on the ground, $20 bills, diamond rings, coins, necklaces, so I picked it up.  I wasn’t thinking much of it, someone probably discarded a used card - unfortunately as litter on the ground, but there was a possibility it was new and had been purchased as a gift.

Today I called to see if there was a balance, there was - $25!!  So it was a new card on the ground, although it had been run over by cars and it was mucky – sorry for whoever lost it…. 

The card is for a video game store – nothing I will ever use in my lifetime and my youngest nephew in America is now 21, so it’s a bit past him too.  The other nephews are in Europe; pretty sure it won’t work over there.  

So I got on my computer and looked up gift card exchange and the wonderful site came up.  I plucked in the number, told them the amount and they offered me $21.26 for it, plus they pay postage.  Oh my!  So it was like finding $21 bucks and some change on the ground!!

And it’s two fold good!  Arbitrage at its finest – they also offer discounted cards for purchase anywhere from 1.5% to 20% off face value, depending on the retailer.  Wow!! 

The Pet supply store I use quite frequently is offered at 16% off!  Yeah!  Plus that store always has free goodies and we get a percentage of our purchases back every quarter in a gift card. That place just gets better and better!

This should be timely for anyone that gets gift cards for the holidays to places you never go or if you always lose the card in your purse only to expire and never be seen again, you can now cash it in if you don’t think you’ll use it – and if you already know about this site and have used this service – yeah for you, smartypants!!

I’m loving this – now I wonder if the local grocery store is on that site – I’m there almost every day – this could be the greatest discovery ever for our household budget ever!  Woo Hoo!!!