Monday, December 3, 2012

Just a Little Extra Service for Our Customers

Now I understand the soap, but the deodorant??

This is a picture from a women’s bathroom in a local Irish Pub.  We had never been to this pub before and wanted to try it out – so on Saturday a few of us went out to dinner and then afterwards hit the pub for a drink.

My husband, a genuine off the boat Irish man (ok, off the plane), thought it a bad idea as soon as we opened the door to the place.   

All at once – wooooshhh-  we were hit with an overwhelming smell of bleach – I’m not sure what they were cleaning up in there (had no intention of asking) and since it’s a pub, they are not generally places of sparkling clean goodness to begin with.  This was no exception.

The second reason he recoiled was there was not a SOUL in there but the barmaid, who almost seemed bummed anyone had walked in (this was a Saturday night).  Long, long ago I used to bartend and each person that walks in is good for at least a buck tip per drink – so welcoming a few customers and keeping them there would have been a positive monetary influx to her wallet.  

The smell was sickening, we all had one beer and then decided to hop down the street to the local tap room, a fabulous place - always, we just wanted to try a new bar so we by-passed it as first choice.

Before we left I had to go to the bathroom, the bartender shot out from behind the bar to get there first and “turn the light on for me” – ok, pretty sure I could find the light switch on my own, but thanks.  Then as I washed my hands I looked at the sink (ah yes, another public bathroom photo), soap, yep need soap – check, deodorant – um well, no thanks – have my own private stash at home…..

Now why on earth would a public bathroom have deodorant available for customer use?  I’ve seen hand lotion, hairspray, mouthwash and cups, but never deodorant.  This is gross to me? Is this gross to you too?   

So there we have it, a bar that reeks of bleach and offers deodorant to its customers, maybe it was a good thing we were the only people in there, maybe on a normal night it’s one helluva smelly place, with smelly regulars??  We could have passed out at the bar, fell off our stools and oohh yeah --- now I get it - that’s how she makes her money!!  Once we’re passed out on the floor, the wallet get’s lifted – brilliant, that’s a much better profit than a buck a person per drink……much better….$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$