Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All These Little Black Bugs.... the cupboard.  

This seems timely, I am passing on a story I heard yesterday morning while rowing – the instructor was telling us about a series of phone calls she had with her mother over the last month or so.

On the phone with her mom:

Mom:  I was going through the food cupboard yesterday and it had all these little black bugs in it.  I pulled everything out and cleaned them all up.  I don’t know what they were.

Daughter:  Well mom, I didn’t see them so I don’t know what they were either.  A few years ago I had a few beetles that liked my ground coffee; I threw the can out and cleaned up the cupboard.  They didn’t come back.  Could be the same thing?

A little while later on another phone call with mom:

Mom:  Those little black bugs are back.  I still don’t know what they are.  I’m giving the cupboard another good clean.  I’ve just never seen this kind of bug before.

Daughter:  Sounds like a good idea; sorry I’m not there to help you.

A couple week’s pass, mom is now on the phone with daughter #2 and her husband:

Mom:  You know those little black bugs I’ve been having trouble with in the food cupboard? 
Well, they are really getting aggressive –now they have chewed through my granola box!!!

Daughter #2 and Son in Law: Moment of silence, then – Um Mom?  Those little black bugs aren’t bugs, those are mouse droppings.  You have mice.

Mom, of course, was thoroughly upset with this little tidbit of information.

Later that day…. the Son-in-Law was fully entrenched in a master mouse catch and removal plan at Moms house.  He was also responsible for physically disposing of said mice, once caught.

Ah – winter, cold weather moves in and so do uninvited house guests!  Roll up that welcome mat until you actually have invited someone over for coffee and granola….Yuck! 

(The above picture is NOT from my instructor’s mom’s house….)