Friday, April 25, 2014

Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap??

Now, the choice is yours – what would you rather wash your mouth out with and why is it even a choice?

While at a bar my husband frequents with his work friends, I came across this very interesting set up.  Or should I say conundrum?  Because obviously they felt the need to label the dispensers.

So, the pump by the sink is handsoap you say?  Wow, never would have thought of that – soap- by the sink.  Genius!

And the pump on the wall with the cups hanging out of it is mouthwash?  Ok, got it.  

Now when should this pretty simple set up be a problem?  Possibly when it’s in a bar and people are taking mouthfuls of soap or handfuls of bright green mint mouthwash?  

And when would that occur – ohhh, when the patron has had too much to drink!  

Actually what this could be is a very simple and very smart ploy.

As soon as someone comes back from the bathroom and tells you (the server) that they just shot a cupful of soap into their mouth or squirted bright green minty water all over their hands and I assume clothes due to its viscosity (probably can smell that error) that it is time to cut the patron off.  

And if by chance they can still read and see that the dispensers are clearly marked, than they must still be ok to have another one?  

Could be brilliant.

Or, it could be time to remove the mouthwash dispenser – it’s pretty disgusting and could use some of that soap it gets confused with, apparently – all too often.