Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Naming Convention

Pulling into the dentist I get out of my car and quickly glance at the vehicle parked next to me – then I do a double take, laugh and decide I need to take a photo of this on the way out – if it’s still here. 

Just curious, do you see it too or am I the only one that finds the “name” of this very expensive vehicle hilarious?

Now, if you just see SPORT HSE, I want you to expand your mind.  Let’s say there is an apostrophe in the word SPORT, so it reads S’PORT.  Ok good.

Now let’s play that through.

What I saw when I looked at this – again very expensive vehicle- was SUPPORT HOSE and thought, gee that’s a funny name for a car.

Did no one at this “upper class” company see this?  Did no one associate all the funny phonetic spellings that are going on in this text and twitter world with the name of this truck?  I saw it instantly and laughed.  

No one, no one who gets paid large sums of money to do this for a living caught this on a glance and said, Hey – this might not fly, if you look at it quickly it looks like it says Support Hose??  Clearly not a good name for a high end vehicle.

To which maybe they received this reply “Well, cars really don't have names today – they are all numbers and letters in a jumble that no one can remember, surely it won’t be a problem.  Besides – who wears support hose these days; don’t women just go bare legged?”

Ah yes, so there you have it – maybe the next version will be aimed at men and called JCK STRP.  

Range Rover, if you need a new employee, just let me know, I’m full of great ideas – GRN COMBI, we could paint that one green or yellow, the new LR2 could become ALRT, we could go with reds and oranges, or BB QUE, complete with flames – oh what fun we could have!