Friday, April 18, 2014

Gnome Fell Down (Repost)

Hi all, It's Easter weekend and the house is bustling.  So I'm sending out a re-post from a previous April.  I've got cookies to bake and decorate, Sunday dinner groceries to buy, paper to be shredded by the pound (while it is being hosted for free), figure out something to cook for the pot luck tonight, etc, etc. 

It will be nice to have the Bunny visit over and no more holidays until the beginning of summer at the end of May (oh Summer - where art thou???)

Therefore - enjoy - this was originally posted April 23, 2013.  And yes - the Gnomes are all better now - complete with a new rope and a fresh coat of colorful paint, courtesy of one of my nieces. Have a pleasant Easter!

And broke his crown…

Well not really, but he did fall down and what’s funny is he is indeed holding his head.  I couldn’t pass this up as it is a literal thing.  

I do love my Gnomes and most certainly don’t want them hurt – as of course I am sure none of you would want any of your Gnomes hurt.

What? You don’t have Gnomes?  Really?  I thought everyone had Gnomes.  You’re joking right – you have Gnomes.

Come on, they are fun joyous little creatures that protect your yard and garden – and well, there might be some in your house too.  Of course I am only basing this on our house, where there are many of the little fellas (and a few gals) around. 

Anyway, there have been three little guys swinging on a rope on our front porch for – oh I don’t know – ten years?  We never brought them in during the winter, they just stayed outside and played in the wind – swinging away in any small or gale forced “breezes” we have had over the years.  Apparently the winds we had two days ago were too much and down a couple of the boys went.

And well, it looks like one hurt his head.  I assume the other one is cold.

As for Gnome #3, he’s still hanging on for dear life.  Noting what has happened below him, he is not going to let the same thing happen to him.